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The Lord taught Hermen Atienza, business discipler and pastor, to sow his economics and MBA degree in the rich soil of Scripture, which reaped a Biblical business management system.


In 2012, the Lord “spoke” to me (through a ministry colleague) to write a book. I waited many years for God’s green light to do so. In the winter of 2020, God started to reveal His business mandate to me. The God’s Business Mandate book sets the message of the mandate within the context of business stories curated over my 34 years of business discipleship mentoring, coaching, teaching.


He has served the Lord as pastor, church planter, chaplain, marketplace minister, writer, evangelist, and preacher. He has held positions in business and management for 50+ years.

He plays badminton and darts, cares for the family garden, and loves comfort biking with family in Los Angeles. He lives with Julie, his wife and ministry partner, has seven children and four grandchildren.

God’s Business Mandate

Is Biblical business an oxymoron? Is it possible for Christian enterprises to be highly profitable?

Let’s discover God’s business mandate in how it’s not only possible but desired to be a successful business person.


What’s in the book?

Gives Christian business owners a management model for success

Learn about what scripture says about God’s business mandate

Christian companies—providers of goods and services—are called to be subproviders, the Lord’s subcontractors

Learn your renewed business purpose, new management functions, and two strategic business imperatives

It presents the key to godly business success, fulfilling God’s Business Mandate to be His subprovider

It opens up the significance of kingdom business in God’s redemptive plans and the spiritual gift needed for business success and profitability


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What people are saying about

God’s Business Mandate?

"Pastor Hermen Atienza is a leader of leaders. His teaching and training have helped me to see a bigger picture on how to run a business from a biblical blueprint to achieve massive success."

Maxandra Desrosiers – CEO of Maximize Life

"Pastor Hermen shares his life experiences as a high level business man who decided to follow Jesus. He shares how he became a disciple that makes disciples in his role as a business executive.”

Tim Cook – Entrepreneur and Church Planter

Hermen has been instrumental in changing the way I think and operate my business. My business mindset has been renewed, from one that formerly was focused on a worldview, to one that now has God at the centre of all my thoughts, decisions and purpose. What I have gleaned from the content within his MBA Program has enriched not only my business but also my faith journey with Christ.

Anthony Mac Neil – Entrepreneur

I’ve had the chance to work with Hermen. I had witnessed how God’s Word transformed his life. God’s Word went on to make a life-changing impact in his career and how he conducted business. At a time when we learned from books and the Internet was in its seminal stage, we didn’t have a lot of resources to learn about kingdom principles applied to the marketplace. In that sense, I saw Hermen blaze a trail—and he has never looked back.

Rissa Singson Kawpeng – Best-selling Author