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Hermen Atienza is a business discipler and church pastor. The Lord taught him to sow his 1972 Economics and 1976 MBA degrees in the rich soil of Scripture, which reaped a Biblical business management system.

He has been a board chair, corporate president, business consultant, CEO, entrepreneur, international marketer, writer, editor, and public administrator.

He managed corporations in the
Philippines, US, Canada, and Australia, marketed to China, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, and has experience in over 70 industries.

He has served the Lord as pastor, church planter, chaplain, board chair, board member, marketplace minister, editor, writer, evangelist, preacher, and teacher.

He was a ministry leader in evangelization, disciple-making, social work, radio broadcast, publishing, software, tv production, politics.

He plays badminton and darts, cares for the family garden, and loves comfort biking with family. With Julie, his wife and ministry partner, he lives in Los Angeles, has seven children and four grandchildren.


He has over 50 years of work experience in over 70 industries, holds Economics and MBA degrees, has held top and senior corporate and government positions, has been a business consultant, editor, entrepreneur, marketplace minister, church planter,  chaplain, and pastor.

In 2012, the Lord “spoke” to me (through a ministry colleague) to write a book. I waited many years for God’s green light to do so. In the winter of 2020, God started to reveal His business mandate to me. In August 2021, He said His downloaded of His business mandate was complete.

I started writing in September, 2021. The book sets the message of God’s direct command during creation within the context of business stories curated over my 34 years of business discipleship mentoring, coaching, teaching.

My Books

God’s Business Mandate

Is Biblical business an oxymoron? Is it possible for Christian enterprises to be highly profitable? God’s Business Mandate addresses these and gives businesses access to God’s gift of business success and profitability.


Experience in Sixty Different Industries

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